A community organization in Oakville, whose concern is the overuse of noisy, polluting leaf blowers

Leaf blowers - proposed restrictions in the town of Oakville

by Ted Mitchell MD, BEng

"This article investigates some of the known and potential harms arising from the use of leaf blowers and their impact on quality of life in city neighbourhoods..."

Dr. Ted Mitchell is a Hamilton, Ontario resident, emergency physician and sometimes agitator who recently completed a BEng at McMaster University. He is fascinated by aspects of our culture that are harmful, but avoid serious public discussions.

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The pollution from the Ford F150 truck is described in a well documented test by Edmonds, an online resource for automotive information based in California. In this test, the Ford truck was tested against a Fiat 500 and a 2-stroke and 4-stroke leaf blower.

The report:  Leaf Blower's Emissions Dirtier than High-Performance Pick-Up Truck's, Says Edmunds' InsideLine.com Edmonds.com. This test is also shown in a YouTube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDxQIHoTmxs

The emissions from the EPA database for landscape equipment is documented in the website for Quiet Communities, an independent organization in Lincoln, MA conducting research, providing education and assisting communities to find quiet, sustainable and healthy solutions. The EPA data is listed on their website:  www.quietcommunities.org/environmental-impact-qc

Pollution from gas-powered landscape equipment is considerably higher than generally acknowledged. In view of the Canadian Government’s commitment to limit greenhouse gases, efforts need to start at grassroots levels, and a town like Oakville can take the initiative to reduce greenhouse gases with measures over which they have control. 

Environmental scientists maintain that the emissions from a single leaf blower over a year’s time are the equivalent of running 80 automobiles 12,500 miles. 

The Town of Oakville has anti-idling by-laws for our cars and trucks. Leaf blowers are not necessary in our lives, so why allow their use?  


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