In half an hour a leaf blower emits the same pollutants as a Ford F150 TRUCK driven over 3,000 miles! 

Landscape equipment yearly burns two billion gallons of a gasoline/oil mixture in North America, a mixture emitting ozone-forming chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s database shows that these engines generate 13 billion pounds of toxic and carcinogenic air pollutants and 41 billion pounds of carbon dioxide.

What can landscapers do? Landscapers have many options: rakes, brooms, 'green' pick up appliances.  Using quiet, non-polluting methods for property maintenance is not more time-consuming than blowers, and is respectful of everyone's right to ENJOY our time outside. There are studies proving "equal efficiency" of rakes vs. blowers, where the difference in time is insignificant. "Landscapers should be seen, not heard" is the way now. One Vancouver landscaper has made it his trademark:  

Excessive noise affects health by stimulating the body's stress reactions: increased blood pressure, headaches, ringing ears, loss of sleep, decreased concentration, impaired ability to learn, feelings of acute and chronic distress. 

Numerous studies prove:
Leaf blowers raise/distribute fecal matter, moulds, fungi, spores, their engines' oil/gas toxic mix, fertilizers, street dirt.

Municipal street sweepers vacuum and remove debris, vs. blowers which re-distribute into our air/lungs!

Leaf blower users assume they are 'protected' while wearing ear 'muffs', but the spinal vibrations (from engine back-packs) will impact hearing.

Dust, debris, molds, etc. are dispersed by  Level 3 Hurricane-force air-blasts from blowers...

Would you support a bylaw to ban or at least

limit the use of leaf blowers in Oakville?

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Rake It or Blow it?  An appropriate well chosen rake used in conjunction with a tarp hits the efficiency 'sweet spot', whereas leaf blowers are obvious OVERKILL.

Rake the leaves onto a tarp, pull back the tarp a couple of meters and repeat until the tarp is sufficiently full...

Dangerous Noise


Town of Oakville Bylaws must be amended to protect our Rights to Quiet in our residential neighbourhoods.

"All residents are entitled to a peaceful lifestyle"

World Health Organization (WHO) states that in order to have a healthy environment, daytime noise levels should not exceed 55 decibels.

90-120 decibels = noxious noise levels produced by leaf blowers

Our current objective

Let's learn from other cities

Our aim is identical to that stated by Mayor Burton and Council: “Make Oakville Canada’s most liveable Town”.  In order to do this we are urging Council to enact a By-law dealing with the issue of deafening decibel levels (100dB+) and pollution generated by leaf blowers.

Health issues for operators

Does raking take more time?

The benefits of raking

Air Pollution

Rakes are easy to use by people of all ages and abilities, and a healthy way to keep fit and strengthen muscle.

It can be done entirely at one’s own pace, and primarily uses the large efficient muscles of the back and thighs. The effort level is that of a brisk walk and is considerably easier than shovelling snow!...


A community organization in Oakville, whose concern is the overuse of noisy, polluting leaf blowers

Vancouver's WEST END legally banned leaf blowers in 2004, and the ban remains to the present date (March 2016). Councillor Tim Stevenson, who achieved this total ban of blowers in his West End ward, remains in office. 

20 California cities have enacted full bans (or severe restrictions) on leaf blowers, some as far back as 1975. This includes Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Berkeley, West Hollywood and Palo Alto...